Wolfychan (wolfychan) wrote in p_t_mah,

My Conspiracy Theory

Okay, how's this for a conspiracy theory: Mary Sues are plants by the people who don't like fanfiction.

We know these people exist; they show up in fanficrants and on fandom_wank regularly. There are people out there who, because of a poor understanding of copyright law, a misguided sense of defensiveness about the canon, or just plain poopyheadedness, would like to see all fanfic gone.

Maybe... maybe they've organised. And they're working to destroy fandoms from the outside in. They write so many Mary Sues and badfics that fanfiction becomes 90% unreadable. Eventually, they hope, it'll die out.

We can see the shockingly effective results of this plan with a single glance at the FF.net Just In page.
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